Events Security

S.N.S. Agents securing an official event

The security of your event is a component that should not be overlooked when planning a seminar, a gala or any other event that brings together a large number of guests. For some time, security measures have evolved and regulations impose strict conditions. Especially since the rise of new technologies has also changed the situation. As an event planner, event security should be a top priority. But how do you cope with so many rules?

One must cover all aspects of event security such as security, fire, rescue, or even security to fight against malicious acts and terrorism.

The S.N.S group accompanies you by taking care of all the factors that will impact the security of the event:

Ensure that there is no risk of fire (outdoor event in the forest or in open fields) or flooding (riverside or seaside).

Ensure that the event does not spill over onto adjacent private property or the public domain.

On arrival and departure, manage the flow of vehicles and pedestrians,

Manage the internal flow of traffic during the event.

Anticipate and manage crowd movements (using barriers for channeling and avoiding panic).

Prevent access to unauthorized outsiders, especially in technical areas (cloakroom, dressing rooms, technical rooms, kitchen and storage rooms, etc.).

Provide for first medical assistance (sunstroke, animal stings, etc.) and mitigate potential accidents with the presence of a first-aid station (IDE) and free access to official rescue services (firefighters, ambulance services, etc.).

Verify the presence of fire hydrants in good condition and with sufficient water flow.

We have experienced agents in the security field and, for our credit, we already have secured numerous events: (concerts, forums, fairs, weddings, birthdays and many others …). Guaranteed customer satisfaction.